FreeBSD e l'italiano.

November 2, 2004 at 1:46 PM

After much bungling (read: less bungling than average, but still too much) I've set up my PIII running a FreeBSD-backed DHCP server. I also managed to share my laptop's wireless connection and have the BSD machine use the laptop as its default gateway, so my server is (mostly) online. Only problem is, our landlord has so many ports blocked at the router that I'm going to explode. I'm in the process of setting up network printing, and there are a lot of packages I need to download--about 1/4 tries go via HTTP. The other 3/4 are FTP requests, which are blocked by the stupid, stupid router. So, I'm forced to search Google for an appropriate HTTP server and fetch the file on the BSD machine. Not what I'd like to do.

After I get the printing working, I'm going to set up a chrooted install of Apache with PHP. If I get that working properly, I'll (try to) chroot a copy of MySQL.

I had an Italian midterm today; I think it went very well.