Current work...

May 5, 2004 at 6:14 PM

Right now I'm working on my group project for my Informatics class. It's a really interesting class, which is getting me excited for (possibly) being in the major. Taking the course title and description alone, this class sounded like it would be pretty boring. I'm sastisfied, however, that it's not (which is a good thing, considering that it's the 6th week of the quarter). My group is considering Spam as an information technology, and creating a hypothetical report in which we outline the benefits, problems, and need for Spam reduction. Right now I'm analyzing the Privacy and Information Policy perspectives on Spam, from the point of view of users, network administrators, companies, and the government. Whew.

All said, I do like the technical aspect of information technology much more than the social, but I'll take both if I must.