Cube Updates

September 20, 2007 at 3:02 PM

I've been practicing solving Rubik's cube for a while now. I can generally get it done in under 4 minutes now, with my record being 2 minutes 25 seconds. I saw a big boost in speed when I switched from the small key-chain cube that I had been using (and that subsequently broke from overuse) to a regular, full-sized cube.

Rubik's Cat Naturally, Rubik's cat is not quite so well known as his cube.

I hope to shave even more time off my total as I break the cube in and as my muscle memory solidifies. My goal is to average solving in under two minutes.

Update: I managed to solve a cube in 2 minutes and 7 seconds on the way home after writing this post. 1 minute 45, here I come!